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Best Rated Digital Slr Camera (mid Range) ? Nikon D90

When you are in search of a camera? that is going to be used regularly when you go out with your family or friends, you do not need to choose the most expensive one. The more expensive models are actually more applicable for professional usage which means that you would need more advanced features especially for shooting outdoors or for shooting sports events.

For regular usage highest resolution is also not necessary just enough size of a pixel would do as long as it is not too small. The ideal type of a camera for family and semi-professional usage would be those that belong in the middle range in terms of features and price.

Are you a non-professional user that loves taking pictures of your families and friends and for who digital photography is a pretty serious hobby? Then one of the best rated digital SLR cameras for you is the Nikon D90.

Best Rated Digital SLR Camera ? Ease of Use

The Nikon D90 is considered to be feature-rich and most people using the camera admire it because of its user-friendliness. When you acquire it, you will appreciate its very easy to use and amazing user interface. It also enables you to make your own menu of the settings that you commonly use. People say that it really feels solid but it is incredibly light making it ideal to bring anywhere you go since it will definitely not take much space aside from being so comfortable in your hands. Aside from this the buttons that you would use most of the time are strategically place just in the right position for you to reach them easily, making the camera one of the industry?s best in terms of customer experience.

Best Rated Digital SLR Camera ? Some Features

When you hold the camera, you will see that you can easily access the buttons to control such things as the camera?s ISO, white balance, auto focus, and shooting mode which are some of the features most commonly used by people who often take pictures of the outdoors and simple action settings. It has a high resolution 920 pixel screen that presents a clear and brilliant view of the subjects that you are taking pictures of. This can also help you in a lot of lighting conditions which makes it very handy since there are times that we want to take outdoor pictures during the night. No need to worry about this products navigation keys since it is also user-friendly and with just a few clicks you will be able to access most of the important settings.

There are many times when special moments are not preconceived, they just happen with no signs or warning. In these instances, we need a camera that has enough speed to capture that moment before the moment is gone. Such a feature is what you can find in Nikon D90 in which it allows you to shoot continuously at a very fast rate of 4.5 frames in a second. Therefore any action shots or quick decisive shots could not escape the Nikon D90?s capturing capability.

What makes This Digital SLR Camera Unique?

It is interesting to know that among the many digital SLR cameras priced in the mid-range, the Nikon D90 is the first to include an option to shoot a movie. Yes it does and it allows you to shoot them in JPEG format with fine quality levels. Battery of this camera is also quite competitive where you could shoot around 850 picture perfect moments in just a single charge. This will finally get rid of your frustration when every time you pick up your camera to get a great shot and you just realize the battery is already dead when you just recently charged it.

The Nikon D90 is truly considered to be one of the best rated mid-range digital SLR cameras available today. With 12.9 megapixels, video and the aforementioned features it is priced really competitvely to its peers. This camera will bring you high quality pictures, so if you are interested in a mid-range priced digital SLR camera, then make sure you check out this model more closely.