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Corporate Fleeces For Staff Uniform - How to Get it Right

Practical and warm, Corporate Fleeces embroidered with your company logo make a great item of Staff Uniform but how do you ensure you get it right? Fleeces have become an integral part of the corporate wardrobe in recent years and a must-have item of clothing for staff members who work outside or in cold environments, such as warehouses.

Corporate Fleeces have to fulfil slightly different criteria to those used for other purposes, such as promotional use, general leisure or outdoor sports and so there are additional considerations that the company buyer or business owner needs to think about.

What is Fleece?

Whilst there are some other fabrics that are referred to as fleece backed, the term 'Fleece' most commonly refers to garments manufactured from Polyester fleece - a two sided pile fabric that helps retain body heat and dries very quickly. The original Polyester fleece fabric was developed in 1979 by an American company called Malden Mills. Thanks to its light weight, warmth and practicality their Polyester Polar fleece was adopted by walkers, back-packers & mountaineers as a more technical replacement for traditional wool.

Since then Fleece garments have become an everyday item of clothing, even in the corporate environment. There are now many forms of Polyester fleece fabric on the market and Fleece garments are available in a range of different styles but it's important to note that not all Fleeces are suitable for Staff Uniform and certain fleece fabrics are not well suited to the embroidery of corporate logos; but more on that later.

Style Vs Practicality

Fleece jackets are available with full-zip, half or quarter-zip opening and there is also the sleeveless Gilet, however in most circumstances, a full-zip Fleece jacket will be the most practical (with a zip-pull fitted if staff are likely to be wearing gloves). Considerations such as Raglan sleeves, elasticated cuffs and hems are largely a matter of taste but as an item of Staff Uniform a Corporate Fleece should have at least two lower pockets and they should be zipped: Having zipped pockets will cost a little bit more but is preferable to your staff losing the keys to their company car/van or truck!

Thick or Dense?

Let me clarify, that wasn't meant to be read as some kind of insult, rather a way of illustrating one of the most fundamental factors in choosing the right Fleece for your Staff Uniform - namely the difference between a fleece fabric that is thick and one that is dense.

It would be easy to imagine that a Fleece with a thick fabric would make for a warm garment but that's not necessarily the case, as fleece is made up of 'filaments' of Polyester. The more densely packed the filaments are, the warmer the garment will be, so don't be fooled into thinking that a bulky Fleece of 350gsm (Grams per Square Metre) will be any warmer than a Microfleece of 300gsm! A good Corporate Fleece will be warm without being bulky, so a dense (high filament count) fabric is preferable to a thick fabric and your supplier should be able to advise which garments are best suited to your staff and their working environment.

A Bitter Pill

If you are considering a Fleece for corporate use then it needs to look good and remain looking good for some period of time. Cheap, low quality fleece is often prone to pilling (small bobbles or balls of fibre that form in areas of wear, look unsightly and show weakness in the fabric) so check that the fleece fabric you choose is labelled 'pill resistant' or 'anti-pill' - anything else really is a false economy.

Those are some of the basic considerations for choosing a Corporate Fleece for your Staff Uniform. Always remember to talk with your supplier - they should fully understand all of these factors and be able to offer professional advice in relation to your specific needs. With the right choice and the right supplier you shouldn't go far wrong.