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Protecting Yourself From Bag Snatching

There is no doubt that anyone with expensive products is going to be worried about having them stolen. It is funny to think that this has led to an entire industry of expensive products designed to protect you from robbers, everywhere from mace to tasers. If you are worried about being robbed walking down the street, it is probably better to just take Louis Vuitton replica handbags or Balenciage replica handbags instead of the real thing, because there is very little you can do to defend yourself properly if you are the victim of a mugging.

One of the obvious problems that are going to arise if you have got some form of protection in your handbag or purse is that this is what the thief is aiming to steal. Mace or a gun will not help you too much when they are half-way down the street along with the guy who just robbed you. In fact, studies have shown that items designed to protect people from robbery or crime, especially guns and knives, are often used by the perpetrator themselves against the property owner. Rather than defending the person, these products ultimately make them more unsafe.

Of course the companies who create these products rarely, if ever, speak such facts. It is in their interest that people feel unsafe when they are not carrying around some form of weapon and safer when they do.

If you are planning to use some kind of protection device, it is of the utmost importance that you are properly trained in how to use the item in a safe and effective manner. Just having a taser in your pocket might make you feel better, but if you are forced to use it for the first time in an actual robbery situation, you will not be fully prepared to handle the way it works. It is more likely that at best the mugger will escape while you fiddle with it, or at worst, you cause yourself some real harm.

It seems strange to say that you might actually be safer without anything to protect you, but it is actually true. That is not to say that you cannot train yourself in self-defense, however. Self-defense training such as experience with a martial art can greatly help anyone who is hoping to stop attackers who will try to steal their products. Simply protecting yourself with your body will mean that there is no item that the attacker can turn the tables with and use against you. Training in such a way also improves the health, and can lead to a certain amount of self-confidence in the trainee.

If you are looking to protect yourself against strangers in the dark, it is probably not a good idea to spend money on self-protection items. Most of the perceived threats Security companies like to disseminate are really exaggerated, and it is probably best to learn practical self-defense techniques, rather than just buying products to create peace of mind.

You can learn self-defense at a martial arts hall in your local area. If you have purchased a self-protection product, ask the manufacturer about places to learn how to use the product effectively. If you cannot find any, consider getting a refund!