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Purchasing New Chanel Handbags

Chanel is one brand which obviously needs no introduction. It is one of the most sought after fashion names in the world, with many designers taking inspiration from the brand's designs, and the principles that it stands on - style, sophistication, class, elegance, and elite fashion, all with perfection. No wonder women are crazy over buying Chanel handbags, and if you happen to be a guy who is looking for a perfect gift for a female in your life- mother, daughter, sister, wife, or girlfriend - your first and only stop should probably be at a Chanel showroom.

Chanel has many showrooms all over the world, and in fact, there are many cities of the world which have authorised dealers selling new Chanel handbags. All that it would require is a little research on your part to hunt down what place in your city has items from Chanel, and you will be ready to have a huge credit card bill! The products are all so tempting that you' probably want to buy everything!

However, you should also be aware of the fact that due to the huge demand that is there all over the world for new Chanel bags, there are many people who started a market of fake or duplicate bags, also commonly known as replica or imitation bags. Some people of course are aware of this and deliberately buy these bags to save money, because these bags are cheaper. Other customers simply get fooled by the shopkeepers who sell the fake bags at the prices of the original ones.

A simple way to avoid you from getting fooled by such sellers is to know some tips and tricks about identifying original and new Chanel handbags, and differentiating them from the fake ones. First and foremost, check if the stitching on the bag is very intricate and minute, such that it is almost invisible. Chanel uses special stitching techniques which can easily be differentiated from the local machine stitches or hand stitching. Also see that the logo and the hardware are CC and not GG.

Most bags also have a unique code hidden somewhere inside the bag. You can call up the Chanel office for more help on this, and tell them the design of your bag. They will tell you how and where to find the unique code, and if you manage to find it, then your bag is surely original. Or else, you simply learn a lesson for the next time!